Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time to Unplug a Little More?

A friend of mine wrote the following piece, and it is good food for thought.

Going Off the Mobile Grid

Technology can be a wonderful thing, but lately, I've wondered if it is possible to become too connected. Much as I enjoy Facebook, for example, it can be a black hole of wasted time. Sure, Words with Friends is fun. I enjoy catching up with family and friends, especially those I've not seen in so long. And yet, I've started to become either bored or annoyed with Facebook. Can't pinpoint that one, at least not now.

Some of it might just this information I really need to know? Where family and close friends are concerned, that answer is likely "yes," or at least it's nice to know. But Facebook and sites like it give us an even bigger venue to "let it all hang out." That part of it, I am starting to conclude, is just not that useful. There are some things I'd rather not know.

I'm not saying I'd ever totally unplug. I wouldn't like that and I am not sure there's a practical way of going back. Where family is concerned, I absolutely want them to be able to reach me whenever, wherever. But my friend Gery is right on point. Sometimes a little less connectivity and a little more in the way of human interaction and meaningful activity would do us all some good.

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